Monday, September 6, 2010

Mmm Coffee

Mmm, Coffee.
I do love a good coffee and have found what I think is the best coffee EVER!
There is a little bakery close to my house that is on the way to work and there is always a parking spot out the front.
And at only $3 for a large coffee you cant go wrong!
Problem: bakery = cakes = I have a very very sweet tooth and became a little addicted to a cinnamon donut. Hmm, not good. But then I stopped. But the lovely owners kept asking if I wanted a donut every time. Not good. I have been good and keep saying no. I only take $3 in so I don't have the choice to buy anything else.
Now we have a problem. Caffeine is not good for fertility. So, I am trying to cut back the coffee intake and only have one every couple of days. So far so good. Had one last Wednesday morning at the airport on the way home after dad's birthday and then didn't have another one till today! But did you know that caffeine is good for the males fertility? Well apparently so. So I told my darling husband he is more than welcome to drink at much coffee as her likes!

By the way, please ignore my horrible nails in this photo. I am in desperate need of a manicure. This picture proves it. I'm going tonight.

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  1. Heaven would be a bakery..

    How typical that coffee is a go-er for the boys and a no-no for females! It seems like we get all the short straws!


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