Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Walking our the Anzac bridge on our lovely Sunday stroll, I decided to take my camera with me
My husband was telling me all about the old way to get into the city and how long it took to get anywhere. The Anzac bridge has 4 lanes going either way. The old bridge only had two! And they would have to stop it to let boats pass through. He said it was a nightmare getting to work
I adore the Harbour Bridge, I think it is really cool and the history of how it was built is so interesting. But I think the design of the Anzac Bridge is cool! It really is quite stunning.
We walked to the fish markets. About a 30 minute stroll from our place. It was soooooooo crazy busy. People everywhere. We bought some Barramundi and some green prawns. We took them to my brother and sister-in laws house for a yummy lunch! I cut up chilli's and garlic for the prawns and we then cooked the fish with some lemon and ginger. Yum, Yum Yum!!!
This is us on the walk back home. That's my darling husband with the phone glued to his ear. Grr... It was like that on the way there too. He was very very busy with work calls today. Must have been lots and lots of people buying cars today. I had my jumper with me. Why I took it I will never know, it was such a glorious day I didn't need it.

And now its Sunday night. Finishing off the day and getting ready for a busy busy week. I'm off on a Regional trip on Wednesday morning to visit some of my accounts. I will finish up in Albury on Friday and then zoom down the freeway 2.5 hours and stay with my family for the weekend!!! I'm originally a Melbourne Girl! I can't wait to see everyone. It's been a while.

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