Friday, August 20, 2010

New York New York

This is a picture taken at our wedding of Emme and Daryl.
Emme (Emily) was the stylist for us and made the place/venue look great.
I met Emme through another friend of mine and we have formed our own little friendship along the way. As have our men.
Last night we had dinner and a catch up with this pair, because we haven't seen them since our wedding! (Granted they have been away on a five week working holiday in Italy, England and Thailand) - We were actually supposed to see them last Thursday, but there has been a bit of sickness between the 4 of us, so it was cancelled till tonight)
They have big news!!! They are moving to New York in February next year for Daryl's work! And well Emme wasn't too keen at first, but like she said "It certainly wont harm my career!"
We had a super yummy meal at The Lord Dudley In Paddo.
Have you ever been there? It's great! You walk in and feel like you have been plonked into a pub somewhere in England! The wine was great, the conversations were great and we came home with big smiles on our faces after such a great night!

We will be sure to go and visit them later next year! They are planning on getting a 4 br place in Brooklyn. And when they get there they are going to do the try for a baby thing too!
We will miss them dearly, but there has already been talk of one very big leaving bash at their house in Bondi! That will be a fun, over the top, great night!

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