Friday, August 27, 2010


Just a quick one.
Nope. Negative.
Try again next month.
Really upset, but it was only the first try and I know it can take months and months.
My motto to keep my spirits up is going to be "Practice makes perfect"


  1. Oh poo. How disappointing.
    And no doubt extra tough with you and your Hubby apart.

    Trying to concieve- what a roller coaster.
    One of my Besties is doing the same and seems to alternate between thinking she is pregnant to feeling convinced she is barren! She is only on round two of trying but has always been a bit meladramatic :) But I understand it's hard not to get emotional once you have decided you are ready for something.

    On a positive note, how wonderful that you are planning your pregnancy.. so good to start eating right, get all your vitamins and make some good lifestyle choices.. (wish I could say the same for myself) You'll have such peace of mind that when you do fall pregnant you will have given your bub the best start possible!!

    Big hugs to you

  2. Hey, thanks hon.
    I am much better today. The timing was just not right I suppose.
    Was in Melbourne with my mum and we had a chat and she told me lots and lots of stuff. That was great and really helped. The best thing is there is no preasure at all from my family. Mum and dad joke all the time saying they are too young to be grandparents! (Both about to turn 50) But I know they cant wait, but they will keep it to themselves for now.
    It will be all ok and we will just see how things go.
    Your comments really helped to cheer me up.
    Will just keep fit and healthy and maybe lose a few Kg's that have crept on during winter.

  3. Best of luck for round two. x

  4. I know how you feel. No matter how many times you tell yourself not to get upset and it's only early days, there's always a sad feeling when you get you find out you are not UTD. As long as you do it every second day, you will be pregnant in no time :)

  5. *hugs* Sorry to hear that things didn't work out this time. But keep up with your positive thoughts and I'm sure it will happen soon.


  6. Thanks MrsJunkie.
    I like the UTD term! Gave me a giggle.
    Why does it feel like every bloody person is preggers at the moment...
    So the tatic for September is every 2nd day, and we shall see.
    A really good friend of mine has been away for nearly 2 months and she comes back Friday. Yay! It took her about 3-4 months to fall pregnant so I am looking forward to catching up with her and having a chat.
    Such a roller coaster ride at the moment.

  7. Every second day, you will def catch the egg!

    If you are regular, it can be fun to play around with the ovulation calculators on the net. Calculates due dates and all. They can also send you crazy! lol

    Best of Luck x


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