Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm sick

I'm sick with the flu.
I started feeling a bit off on Monday, Tuesday a little worse and this morning when I got up at 5.30am I was feeling TERRIBLE.
Problem was, I had to get up and get moving. I had a regional trip planned with work to visit some of my accounts.
I write this post now while sitting in my hotel room in Griffith of all places.
Tomorrow night I will be in Wagga, but then Friday after going to Albury I am heading down to Melbourne to visit my family!!! Yay! One thing that helps to make me feel better. But feel crappy and miss my husband. 5 nights away from him. Boo
The issue with being sick and possibly pregnant is that you can't take anything. Grr. Nothing but a bit of Panadol. And with no Health Food shops in my sights I don't know if I can take any vitamins or herbs???
A Few more days and we will know if I'm up the duff or not. So fingers crossed and I wont curse being sick too much and cross my fingers and hope.
Oh, and I got a speeding fine today. Grr. I need to slow down a bit.

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