Friday, August 13, 2010

My dad

My dad walking me down the isle on my wedding day

My amazing family. L-R Brother Matt, Bro-Inlaw Chadd, Dad - Peter, Me, Erin my husband, mum - Christine, Brother Jack, Emma my sister

I reckon my dad is tops! He is the best dad in the world and he would do anything for me.
My parents had me pretty young, they were only 19 and dad worked two jobs just to support his family.
Wednesday marked the 3 year mark since he very bad motorbike accident.
3 years ago I was called up by mum so say that dad had been in an accident and was being rushed to the Alfred hospital in Melbourne.
The next morning she called me again to say that dad had broken his back in 2 places and that they had no idea what the outcome was going to be until they operated.
I was beside myself. My then boyfriend (now husband) phoned Qantas straight away and had me on the next flight to Melbourne. He didn't even flinch at the $450 cost. Bless him.
What was the first thing dad said to me when I got there? "Waste of money Brownie, you should have bought a house" (Brownie being my nickname because I am the only brunette in the family)
It was horrible, terrible, I have never been through anything like that in my life. Here was my dad the super hero laying in a hospital bed, and we didn't know if he was ever going to walk again. Mum was amazing. Truly amazing.
Anyway, that's enough about the bad stuff...
Well, the opp went for about 12 hours, he had the best surgeon in Australia and my boy drove all night to be with me because I asked him.
Dad was ok. He still is ok. He is going to be celebrating his 50th birthday in a few weeks.
But it was oh so close and it could have been so much worse. He is on medication (painkillers) every day.
BUT he is an amazing person. A wonderfully amazing person. He is my dad. My hero. And we are the luckiest family in the world.

Ok. That's enough tears now. And although I don't feel that I have explained it properly, I feel better for typing this now. And I know that I will never forget that day. I will love and appreciate my family more than ever, because you never ever know what can happen.


  1. Oh God what an ordeal- so good your Dad made a recovery and how special to have him by your side as you walked down the aisle!

    I think it is amazing how you get a bit older and look back and realize how many scarifices your parents made for you when you were kids and how hard they worked.. You usually dont even realise it when you are a child (which is the way it should be!)
    Great story and I hope your Da continues to get better

  2. What a beautiful post! I'm glad to hear your dad is ok and recovering well. have explained yourself properly! Totally understand how Dads should be heroes like yours (and mine too! Love you Dad!) and how lucky you are to have such an amazing family that have sacrificed and worked so hard.

  3. I am so glad to hear that your Dad is ok, and that he was able to be there and walk you down the aisle on your special day - I found that to be such a lovely, special moment with my Dad on my wedding day.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely story. x


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