Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, it's actually not a secret... We are trying to fall pregnant.

And my cheeky husband is telling people!

I have told 2 very very close friends. AND they are sworn to secrecy.

But everywhere I go, I get the oh, so you guys are trying are you!

Jeepers Creepers... What if it takes months and months or sadly years? You just never know do you?

Anyway, I just shrug them off and say "Oh, well you just never know, practice makes perfect"

We shall see, And I think my little blog will be the first to know! I'm keeping you a secret for a little while yet... (Can't post you in my Vogue signature little sister might see you) That way I will have an outlet to be excited, whinge about morning sickness which is sure to happen as my mum had be very very bad with all four of her children. And all the other bits that come with falling pregnant, being pregnant and having a baby.
Anyway, that probably also explains the "And" in the title of my blog.


  1. Oh that is SO exciting! Best of luck.

    P.s. I still can't get the follow your blog thing to work. Is anyone else having trouble?

  2. How exciting! Must be so annoying (and embarrassing perhaps) to have people know you are trying. Best of luck and tell your hubby to try to keep it a secret ;-)

  3. Hey Mrs T, No idea why you are having trouble. I havent had anyone else ask me?
    Sorry, I'm new to blog land and don't really even know how this all works!

  4. Ooh how fun to be trying!! hehe
    I can see why you would have prefered to keep it a bit more of a secret, but I have to say it is sweet as your husband is obviously too excited to keep the news to himself- bless.


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