Sunday, March 22, 2015

wardrobes, storage and all that...

In the main bedroom we are pretty lucky to have a small WIR. I suppose this is really the only thing that makes it he main bedroom is the WIR! It is actually the smallest bedroom BECAUSE of the WIR!
'Lachie's Room' Had some old rickety poorly made wardrobes, and 'Abi's Room' NONE! Where is a girl to hang all her dresses! So we knew we needed to sort these out ASAP.
And just this week they were installed! Along with us removing and replacing the small cupboard space in the front entrance (I'm all about STORAGE!) 

They still need to be painted. We were quite surprised when the majority of companies quote as MDF raw doors! The already painted once are EXXY + and seeing as we are planning a massive paint-a-thon the sensible decision was to go with the raw finish.

Still lots of ceiling and plasterwork repairs to go in Lachie's room. Plus we are reinstating the fireplace in both his room and ours. 
We will put in 'working' ones, but we don't plan to use them as the house has ducted heating and real fireplaces in bedrooms? not a good idea!

Ugly doors off. Shelves out.
Ah, the paint colours upon paint colours...
The original tiling for the fireplace still intact and in decent condition.
Front enterance. These are actually NQR. They need to come back and redo them. 
Lachie's room. Lots of plastering and ceiling 'fixing' to do. 

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  1. Looking good! I wish we were moving this quickly!


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