Friday, March 20, 2015

Edwardian [1901 - WW1 ]

Floor Plan

The period also known as Federation. Houses built at this time draw on both Victorian and Queen Anne features. The follow a similar plan to Victorian houses. Many Mid Victorian ornaments are still used, but are less ostentatious than in previous decades. (Via Heritage Victoria)

And so that's what we are working with but with 21st century luxuries. The front of the house we are trying to keep as 'original' as possible and the back of the house (which is an extension anyway!) will be some glorious modern renovation with an industrial feel (in my mind it works anyway!)

So far we haven't done much! We have only been here since December and you lose so much time during the festive season and then businesses closing down for holidays etc...

We have a long list of things going on. Some done. Some waiting on  things. Others on a list.
One thing so far that we have done and that we absolutely LOVE is having x 2 original Certificates of Title for the property professionally framed. There is tow of these and they have been framed with glass on the back on them so you can see all the old details of owners & transfers etc... They are hanging on the wall in the front entrance. It was a SUPER EXPENSIVE exercise but worth every penny we think! (Sorry, no picture of the back, getting the 2 frames to be square and straight was no easy task!

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