Saturday, September 28, 2013

here and there. this and that.

I use my phone and the ipad so much these days that actually getting on the computer and blogging doesn't seem to happen very often!
We have been to the Aquarium, to Sydney, and more. We spend lots of time at the park (weather in Melbourne permitting!) and days cosied up at home.
Here's a snippet of what we have been up to!
Went to the Aquarium - she LOVED it! "Fishy! Fishy!" 

Had a mummy daughter weekend in Sydney what was long over due catching up with friends.

Trampoline bounces and hilarious giggles in Sydney with little friends while the mummy's have a catch up!

Seeing how small she is compared to all the kids her age (good friends that we met through MG)

Infectious giggles and laughter and 'higher mummy! Higher!'

Snuggly rainy day cuddles and selfies! 

Bought a Fleur Wood dress from a friend that;s both pregnancy and BF'ing friendly! Shot taken on the 27th - so 18.5 weeks pregnant.

One year on. Reminicing about how these two have grown into beautiful friends (My GF from schools daughter who Abi is a month older than)

And today the first 'proper' haircut! Little tidy up trims before today but this was a i'll sit on my own and do the whole thing properly kinda haircut! Have found the most delightful young girl that does a great job on both my hair, Abi's and now my mum's!
And that's pretty much it! A few more days of work for me coming up soon so it will be nice for Abs to spend a few extra days at day care as she LOVES it! And I can't pull her away from the place! (She currently only goes one day a week)

Had my first appointment at the hospital for B2 and met the lovely student midwife that I have offered to help and have follow my pregnancy! Was so nice to have someone to chat to during the wait times.
All is going well and to plan so far! No elevated BP! Woo Hoo! And only a bit over a week till the 20 week scan and we can see if this really is a boy that we are having or not! (I'm adamant it's a boy)
Abi is quite sure she want's a sister! And when you ask her in any order "Abi do you want a little brother or sister?" she runs about the place shouting "SISTER! SISTER!"

I have a few posts that come to mind that I would like to write so stay tuned. Parenting styles is one and  have a HUGE bee in my bonnet at the moment about that...

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  1. Ooooh so excited to find out if your having a boy or girl! I can totally imagine you with a little boy, I'll be stalking for news!!

    Interested to hear your thoughts on parenting tactics.. The tricky 2's have led me to change my approach somewhat.

    Love the fleur wood dress!! You're looking fab!


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