Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So ever since I found out how easy caramel slice was to make I have had a little bit of a love affair with it! I think I have already made it about 4 times!
That then means that condensed milk doesn't seem to last very long in our pantry!
What was once a pantry staple that could sit there for yonks without being touched seems to be being replaced a lot more often that it should!

Out and about the on Saturday, grocery shopping... I spotted a cookbook in Woolies and I was intrigued... Buy 3 Nestle products and get a free cookbook!
Well. Seeing as I stocked up on 'essentials' like condensed milk and choc bits (to make more caramel slice!) I was entitled to 2 books!

What that means is... I have one to give away! Seriously this book is awesome! I would be happy to try to make one of everything in the book!

This IS the caramel slice recipe!

Think this will be the next one to try!

And not to forget mum's birthday cake! (Which I STILL don't have photos of and didn't get to try any just yet... But that's just irrelevant and a long story...)

So! To 'win' this fab book, just comment on my blog something happy and nice that you say to someone to help lift their spirits. Why? Well Why not! And it's sunny and lovely in Melbourne today!

Have a fabby day everyone!

I'll draw a winner on the weekend and have the book popped in the post by Monday!
(Oh! And 89 followers today! - I wonder how long till 100 !!!)


  1. I feel partially responsible for the caramel slice addiction, sorry! The cookbook looks really good, can't believe I didn't see this when I was in Woolies on the weekend.

    Hmmm, happy and nice comment? 'Want to go get some ice cream?" always seems to cheer my other half up!

  2. Firstly, I love reading your blog! It’s become a very important part of my 'morning ritual’!

    I think it’s always lovely to comment when someone is wearing something nice, has a pretty hair style or has made an effort in some way. I believe in the old adage of ‘ you get back what you give’.

  3. What an awesome giveaway! And who can blame you for being addicted to caramel slice, and going through condensed milk at an increased rate! I looooove condensed milk YUM!

    I love saying nice things to try and make people feel good! It's just the small things that can make all the difference! I often jsut like to compliment people about little things I've noticed, like "oh your hair looks great today" "that necklace really brings out the colour in your eyes" and stuff like that. Not for the sake of it, but because I notice it and I mean it :)

  4. Oh yum, this could inspire me to bake as I am a novice.

    Isn't a beautiful day outside, shame to be stuck in the office.

    I usually will just make a stupid joke to get someone laugh. I don't like to compliment someone on something unless its geniune.

    Yay for Spring.

  5. I've never made caramel slice because I know how ridiculously easy it is. I know that once I've made it once, I'll keep making and then well I won't be one Helen sized but the size of two or three. Caramel slice is my weakness!

  6. Oh hai! Something nice and happy. :) Well my 3yr old son gave me dirty mouth vegemite kisses this morning. Then he said Mummy, but you'll be late.
    Then I told him, it's ok it's worth it if I can have more vegemite kisses from you. And he gave me another lip to lip kissy. :)

    Also it's my birthday tomorrow. AAhhahaha.. Winning.

  7. To help lift someone's spirits, I usually give them a big hug! Otherwise I also like to remind people how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country that is Australia.

  8. This is Jess :) silly iPad won't work grrr

    Anyways I always wax lyrical when trying to cheer someone up but the best thing I've found is I love you or if that's a bit creepy - you're awesome & what can I do to help?

  9. "You've got a gorgeous, healthy boy/girl. You are doing a good job" this comes to mind at the moment as it's what I like to hear and what I tell other new mums when they are worried about something.

    On another note, those eclairs look delish!


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