Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!  (Not very scary!)

Abi  had dress up at daycare today. This is what I pulled together at the last minute.
Top and tutu was a birthday gift and the wings and wand a total of $8 from the shop down the road...

Sadly Abi has conjunctivitis and didn't make it to daycare today. But we popped our 'costume' on for a few quick snaps anyway.

We don't really celebrate Halloween here. I see it as more of an American tradition. What about you?


  1. No Halloween here, really. G dressed up as a baby (because she is one) and I dressed up as a slightly frazzled Mumma (ditto). I have passed out some lollies but not much...

    K xx

  2. Too cute! I hope that her eye clears up quickly.
    We don't really do Halloween but I get lollies just in case we get trick or treaters, my eldest dressed up as a zombie and I dressed Eve up as Amelia Pond for fun.
    While I see it as an American tradition I do like that it could build a sense of community knocking on others doors or opening your door to others, instead of being cut off from our neighborhood.

  3. I love Halloween. It is such a wonderful sense of community and fun. So many people dont like it in Sydney :(

    Abi is so cute as a little fairy

  4. (Is Jess at icecreamandbuckets damn iPad again!).
    Abi (as always) looks adorable, poor little girl though I hope the conjunctivitis clears up soon!
    I finally got to experience trick or treating first hand and I'm amazed we don't do it here. I know we like to distance ourselves from the US to some extent but it is an awesome night. We trudged through horrible weather meeting lots of families and seeing some amazing Halloween displays. The kids met friends and there was an amazing sense of community. Of course the kids main concern was the candy but nothing you can do about that haha - at least they shared with us Aussie drop ins!

  5. I think it's got do much going for it- dress ups, lollies, pumpkins, pagans- what's not to love? Wish Aussies got more into it!
    Abi is a super cute little fairy .. Hope her eyes are better soon xx

  6. so cute! I celebrated it seriously this year x

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