Wednesday, September 5, 2012

party girl wrap up

Birthday morning PRESENTS!
Lot's of presents from friends in Sydney and even a gift all the way from Seattle USA!

Birthday cake for breakfast! Mmm YUM! red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing
(I made these for daycare)

Birthday night! My brother in law made this chair for Abigail!!! It is white with pink stitching and so so lovely!  She LOVES LOVES LOVES helium balloons too! 
And this was one SUPER BIG balloon!

A heavily pregnant aunty made this AWESOME cake for Abi for her birthday night!

Party day! Loving the balloons... Looking adorable in a beautiful dress. 

Abi and the delightful Tess my girlfriends daughter who is also about to turn one!

Party food, decorations and more!


Food food and MORE food!

CAKE! I made this!!! from scratch! I'm so damn proud!

Baby cousin... Where are you! Hurry up!

End of the night. Pooped and playing with my presents.


  1. Happy First Birthday, Abi!

    She looks like she had a great time. I love that last picture, the cushion looks like a big bow on her head.

  2. Wow at the lolly table!

    Love red velvet cupcakes I had those at my wedding :-)

  3. All those cakes look delicious! Well done for making the last one yourself. Loving the handmade chair, lucky girl!

  4. Looks like a ceautiful celebration for a beautiful girl! By the way, thought of you the other day when .i saw this...

  5. I also thought the last picture was a giant hair bow! such a cute facial expression too.
    Looks like she had a great birthday party :-)

  6. So darn cute!

    And those cakes! What a lucky girl :)

  7. Congratulations on an awesome cake! What an amazing spread you put together, I hope you patted yourself on the back lots.


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