Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Central

It's been crazy busy around here and birthday central!
This is the busiest time of year in our house.
We have my brother in-law in Feb and then the rest start in July with my husband and don't let up till mid December with mine.
We had my husbands 40th.
Then we had a combined little party in Sydney for his 40th and a pre 1st birthday for Abi.
Just this past week we have also had my two brothers birthdays. A 21st and a 24th (on the same day!)

Abi's stunning birthday cake for our Sydney trip! Made by my wonderful friend Megan!

Erin's surprise cake! A mini Cooper! HE LOVED IT! And wouldn't cut it! We had to all eat Abi's

Abi's hand and foot print to make the cuff links for Erin's birthday present!

We don't have them yet. But they will be round, one with a hand and the other a foot!

He didn't really meet me the night of his birthday! 2 of his best mates from Sydney flew down as a surprise! I left this on he desk at work!

We were lucky enough to stay at our friends house! And found these waiting! (Sadly they are away) 

While in Sydney I picked up my new car! Mercedes Benz C-class wagon (nearly new!)

Popped into my favorite place for coffee! And sent this pic to my dear friend in Seattle (her fav too!)

Did not get one decent picture of Abi at the party... This is the best I could find.

My husband is a shocking photographer... But this isn't tooooo bad.

I've also been working hard... I helped out at a VIP night as part of work. MADNESS I tell you.

Woke up on the 2nd of August and this was the view from our back window! It did look better in real life and I'm sure if I were game enough to brave the cold that morning I could have got a better shot...

Abi sending a birthday message to her 2 x uncles that share the same birthday!

Abi hanging out with her pop! They adore each other!

I missed this till it was a little late... Dad gave her a sausage roll... She loved it! How could I say no. I'd already said no to fairy bread... She can wait till her own special party for fairy bread!
This weekend we are enjoying doing nothing! staying home and relaxing. Another busy week ahead. Back up to Sydney for some spacial parties next weekend (missing a few spacial ones this weekend) And more weeks and weeks of chaos and madness, parties and more! And hopefully soon a little baby will make its way into our family! I can't wait to be an aunty!!!


  1. Looks like you are flat out but having a lovely few weeks. I love that your friend made a ladybug cake for Abi! And I love the cufflink idea, think I might have to steal that one!
    Glad to see you are all well.

  2. Gorgeous post! Little Abi is growing up so fast. She was a gorgeous little baby and is growing into such a pretty little girl!

  3. What a beautiful busy time! Abi is so lovely and your friend is very talented that ladybug is adorable.

  4. They are 2 cute cakes! Abi has grown so much. Cool car too! Plenty of room for more BABIESSSSSS!!!

  5. Fantastic celebrations! Love the ladybug and the mini cakes :)

  6. Looks like an amazing time & lots of fun going on in your life. I can completely understand Erin not wanting to cut the cake! Both of them are amazing,

  7. Gee you have been busy! Birthdays are certainly in full swing and those cakes are total works of art.
    Loving the pics of Abi she is just the cutest.. getting so grown up.


  8. HUGE couple of weeks, Sammie! I love those two cakes. x

    PS - can totally relate to the 'photo' situation, except it's me who is hopeless at the craft. x


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