Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colds and Miserables

It's cold, wet, rainy and quite miserable here.
I've got a cold, Abi has a cold and Erin also has a cold.
Other than a little trip this morning to Bunnings we are cooped up and staying indoors!

I've been having a little play around working out an invite for Abi's first birthday. And I can't decide which one to choose!

Brown Recycled paper? Which design?

White card? Which design?

Poor baby. So sick. This is how she looked this morning. I think she it teething too.

So because w are staying in I have popped a roast in the oven to slow cook. Perfect for this horrible, miserable, rainy, being stuck at home sick day.


  1. Oh, sick babies make my heart break:( I hope they both get well soon!

    I LOVE the recycles paper with the middle design! They're all gorgeous on the brown any which way!

  2. Very cute invites! My vote goes to the middle one on brown or the left one on white. Hope you all get well soon!

  3. Poor Abi!
    I vote middle brown as well. That roast looks amazing. Hope the colds go away soon.

  4. Love the invites! Nice work!

    I can't choose!

    Poor Abs :-(

  5. They're lovely, even though I'm usually partial to brown paper I love the white on the left in these.
    Hope everyone is well soon.

  6. I love the left design best, it's a toss up between white and brown paper though.

    Are you using the same theme for the event? That would decide it for me. White table cloths would mean white invitation :-)

  7. Oh poor sick Abi! I hope she's feeling better soon.

    Mmm... that roast looks fabulous! I can just imagine the finished result. Perfect for the miserable weather lately!

    Tough choice on the invitations! They're all so cute, I understand why it's such a tough choice to choose! I love them all, but I think the colour in the first one is great. And the colours stand out a bit more on teh white invitations. But as above, all depends on if you have a theme going! :)

  8. Thanks everyone!
    We are all a little better today. A little Vicks baby chest rub, Panadol and Neurofen all round and a yummy home grown (by my dad) beef last night too!
    A TV in the bedroom that FINALLY works! (was supposed to be sorted when Abi was a NB for all those night feeds...) is also helping for snuggles and keeping warm!

    We are thinking more rustic for the party...

  9. Gorgeous invites! Did you make them yourself or order online? I remember reading this post back when you posted and it's stuck with me and I can't get the idea of bunting invitations out of my head and would love some for my bubbas first birthday

  10. ^ Made them myself Anonymous!

  11. Oh wow! Great job! Still on the hunt for the all elusive invite my lil one. You've inspiref me to have a go at making my own now! Thanks x


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