Friday, May 11, 2012

Artwork LOVE - Rosetta Santucci

Some time ago I was discussing how much I loved the artwork above Nina's bed in Offspring (last season) and then a wonderful reader alerted me to the actual artist! HERE
I too'ed and fro'ed back and forth about spending some big bucks on the one and only artwork that I could find available through SOHO Galleries.
In the end I decided it was a bit much for me to spend at the time :-( and bought a great artwork through Jimmy Possum instead!

For anyone that's interested, SOHO Galleries is holding an exhibition for Rosetta! Open from the 12th of May!
If I were still in Sydney I would be there is an instant to check them out!

Back Where You belong
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
Wandering Too Far
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
Changing Day
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
Falling Into the Light  ll
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
Autumn Light
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
The Day Is Unravelling
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
*Feeling  Nostalgic   SOLD
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
*Melt Into Dusk     SOLD
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
Falling Dream
Acrylic on Italian Canvas
Title  (still being painted)
Acrylic on Italian Canvas


  1. Did you see in Wednesday's episode of Offspring that the painting is now above the bed in Nina's new place with Patrick? I thought it was a flashback at first.

  2. Haven't seen it yet! We had a friend visiting from Syd so no TV watching...
    Saw your post on the apartment being for sale... I'm thinking of checking it out 'like a desperate TV fan!' Wonder how much it will go for??? Around $800k ??? Though I think i'm pretty off the mark on the MElbourne property market.


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