Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project A - how far we got

I never really did finish Abi's room at our house.
HERE was may last update.

It was sad pulling her room apart. I took the bunting down and then thought 'oops! Should take some photos!'
So here they are...

I searched far and wide for a growth chart and my mum found this one! I love it! didn't fit perfectly in the shot though and I would have fixed that.

Boori cot, was only $400 with the mataress! Love that it's so simple. The shelves were already in the house and I put the pink ribbon around them. She has way too many toys! Love the original water colour aboue her bed. Bought in Byron Bay for our unmade baby in October 2011

My sister bought this mobile for Abi. A friend of hers makes them. It hung above her chage table.

Opps! Took the bunting down before taking the photo. The letters came off quite well and there was only one small mark on the paint. I painted them myself. I never loved the colour. But I wasn't going to re-paint them!

I bought this old dresser on ebay for a bargain price of $50 I love it! Ther prints were a gift that I had professionally framed.

Toys, Toys and more toys... And the super air conditioning! See that sheep? A gift from a NZ batchelor friend! Abi adores it!
So what I didn't finish was the step latter that I was going to pait that we used as a bedside table type thing in Abi's room and I want to still buy this tree type thing (will try to find a picture) to put on her dresser.
Abi's room was my most favorite room in the whole house.
I'm sad. I miss that room. Not sure how her trmporary 'rental' room will go. Kinds depends if we can put things on walls or not :-(


  1. What a beautiful room, I'm sure Abi will have fond memories of her first bedroom xx

    1. You've also alerted me to buy a height chart!!

  2. I understand how you feel completely. Logan has hardly been in his first nursery and hasn't even had a proper room for the last 2 months :(

  3. Such a sweet room! I'm sure you'll be able to make her new room nice and cozy too even if you can't put holes in the walls. Hope the move has gone well.

  4. Oh, that must've been sad. We've only ever rented or lived in houses owned by the church (hubby being an Anglican minister), but it's still possible with all the 3M goodies (and don't forget the awesome Blu Tack) to personalise and make our boys' rooms feel warm and cozy.
    Ronnie xo

  5. You'll make it special, no matter what! x


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