Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home Beautiful?

On the 19th of March I posted "It's Ours!"
And showed the pictures of the house (our house) - it was the day we bought it.
The property had been 'staged' as there was currently no one living in it.
Now just over a year later we are moving out :-( but onto bigger and better things!
On Monday we had he photos taken for the agent to list the property for lease!

And here they are! I'm super impressed!

Our bedroom - I have FINALLY ordered other photos for behind the bed... But will never have them up here :-(

Our outdoor area. We did the deck! (Well the 'deck man' did!) it was finished the day before I gave birth!

Front of house - we changed it from blue to black and added security grill on window and door

Kitchen. We haven't done a thing. We probably would have eventually changed it.

Lounge and Living area. Got rid of the nasty red very quickly!
It's quite sad to be moving from this house really. I adore our little house. We bought our baby home to this house.
And just reading through my 'it's our's' post I realised that I never mentioned that, that was also the day I first felt Abi move inside me!

Sadly no photos of Abi's room :-( they only do 4 + facade and they didn't think a photo of the second room was necessary.

Now to find  the perfect tenant!


  1. Good luck, hope hope you get fantastic tenants!

  2. It looks great, Sammie. Sure you'll find a tenant without too much worry. You guys did a great job with the deck too :)

  3. what a gorgeous place! Would love to live there, but no doubt out of my price range.
    We are most likely having to move out of sydney soon anyway.

  4. It looks so lovely and the deck area looks great. Good luck finding some one and hope you've found somewhere just as lovely in good old Melbourne!

  5. This is so beautiful - whereabouts in Sydney?
    Ronnie xo


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