Sunday, March 18, 2012

most unlikely

While I was pregnant a very good friend of mine basically told me I WILL go to mothers group. And give it a go.
I didn't think it was for me. Why did I need it??? I have heaps of friends with children!(We are actually one of the last in our group/s of friends to start a family...
So I did. I went when Abi was 2 weeks and 1 day old. Damn she was small.

Target 00000 suit that my nana secretly sent after I chatted to her  about how nothing fitted!

I would have never expected that I would meet some of the most amazing, nice, supportive, fantabulous women EVER.
Women that I have much in common with, nothing in common with and a familiar bond that is positive and makes me smile.

I have especially been drawn to 4 out of a total group of 15.

Here are a few shots of out little (now big) bundles!

Abi and Conor. Conor's M&D live in our street. This photo was taken at their house at a BBQ  we had a few weeks ago.

Taken on Friday. While the babies had a 'play date' the mummy's had a wine date!That's Abi (still a little poorly. Lucy and Conor paying Madeleine 'lots' of attention!

Mothers group isn't for everyone. I'm lucky. I got a good group. For 15 excellent women that are all positive, supportive and really nice.
I know not everyone is as lucky as me... I'm also lucky to have found a few within this group that I have more in common than just our babies.

Oh! and I actually have the 'baby' of the group. I have the youngest and also the one that seems to do everything last. She is a real 'baby' But I love her!


  1. Yay! I hope my group experience winds up like yours because we've got 15. They're all lovely but hard to bond with so many people.

    I can't believe how tiny Abi was, gorgeous.

  2. Sammie, you're so lucky. The group I got when I was in Five Dock 4 years ago wasn't very friendly at all. I gave up after a couple of weeks. It ended up putting me off making an effort to go to my new group when my Chubster was born months ago.

    All the bubs look gorgeous by the way!!!


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