Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Fun! Part 1

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Holiday fun and more to come!

We have just got home to Sydney after a 2 week stint in Melbourne with family and having lots of fun!
(And we are off again for another 2 weeks next Wednesday!)

Rather that have a hugemungous post for the past few weeks I will do it in stages over the next few days!

So, to start with Here's some Christmas Eve party baking I did!

Cookie Christmas Tree - Mum and I found a Wiltshire pack thingy when out shopping for $8
It was just a bit of dowel and 5 different sized stars. We decided to ice and put chocolate sprinkle things on it

Snickers Rocky Road! in the shape of a Christmas Tree!
While surfing the blogging world I came across Fat Mum Slim's Post

Mum and Dad throw a Christmas Eve party every year. There is always piano playing and Christmas carol singing.
Maybe a touch too loud this year??? Abi woke up. Here is us. I had a muslin wrapped around her little ears to help her sleep. And that she did, in her favorite spot.. My arms!

Christmas cheer with my sister.

Old Alistair on the piano and a new recruit this year on the guitar! Good family friend Keith
(who also has a band! Played at my sisters wedding, engagement,
M & D's birthdays amongst many other events)

During the rendition on The 12 days of Christmas
there's my husband and dad to got "Five Golden Rings" and they did do an outstanding job!
The night finished up around 11ish, so I was able to give Abi a quick feed again and settle her off to bed quite easily, ready for Santa the next morning!

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  1. YUM! Love the cookie tree you made, I bet it was demolished!


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