Monday, September 26, 2011

Get rich quick!

Just send this photo to grandpa with the caption "Saving for my first Benz" and make his heart melt!

(Ok, so now I need to think about some non baby (Abi) related posts!) 


  1. Dollarmites still exist?? The characters look a little different though :)

  2. hahah she is too cute Sammie!!!

    I know what you mean about the posting, all i think of now is kid related stuff hahaha :D who cares we are mumma's now, I think we are allowed to be proud, and post about our little ones!

  3. Cute! I can't believe Dollarmites exist still, how funny. Brings back memories! haha

  4. Like everyone else, I can't believe that dollarmite accounts still exist! :)

    I'd love to hear about how you're finding being a mama and how you're dealing with all the changes that come with it. Still baby related I guess, but not quite the same.

    Having said that, you're a proud new mama! Of course you want to post about your gorgeous baby xx

  5. Dollarmites accounts are still the same now from when we were all kids!!!
    Maybe only the picture has changed?
    Pretty good actually, they earn 4.75% interest if there is at least one deposit per month, and only pay tax once they start earning over $400 in interest.
    For now we plan to put in $100 a month from us, then when/if I go back to work we will make it more.

    Donna - I shall have some posts coming up soon. Some interesting stuff to talk about actaully... But to find the time!!!

  6. My first account was a dollarmites too!
    Though I can't believe they make kids pay tax!

    I struggle to come up with non-baby related posts as well. But really, having a new baby is pretty huge and that is what we all want to hear about anyway!

  7. Sammie that is the cutest photo for a Granpop I have ever seen. Delicious! x


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