Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby in my arms...

]Today I went to the movies!
I went to see 'The Help' with some of the other mums and babies from my mothers group!

Mothers Group... I was very skeptical of going... Most of my girlfriends that have been in the past 24 months have not enjoyed it and only gone once or twice.
I have had a much more pleasant experience and have got to know a few of the girls quite well and really enjoy their company.

It's a big group, 15 in total. It's the last 'organised' session at the Childhood Centre next week, but I wont be going because I will be in Melbourne.

Now, back to the movies! It was great! Abi was great and well behaved. I couldn't believe how busy it was!
I liked the movie, it was pretty good. But honestly I would only give it about 3 stars (out of 5)

If your around the Sydney area and looking for something to do on a Thursday, check out the Babes in Arms at the cinema in Liechhardt HERE.

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  1. that's a shame the movie was only 3 stars.. I just finished reading the book, which was brilliant.. but I gues that is typical, Movie never as good as the book!


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