Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's going on?

I've been missing a little over the past few days...
Thursday was a picture perfect day... I went and did a big big grocery shop. Trying to get organised and fill my fridge, pantry and freezer...
I came home a few hours later to...

The start of our deck!
Unfortunately, Friday morning we woke to rain, rain and more rain...
John the deck man turned up, but using power tools in the rain was just not a great idea...

So, we only had about 3/4 of a deck... What John had finished as of Thursday and it was WET...

Oh well. No finished deck for the baby shower on Saturday. Boo. But I was really excited to pick up my mum and sister a little later that morning!!!

Now... Saturday! We woke to sunshine! It was looking to be a beautiful day! And it stayed that way too!
I am a shocker and didn't really take any photos at my baby shower... Sorry...

Mmm! YUM! Mini cupcakes, lollies, slice and more!!!
Lots to drink! Cheese platter and more food to come!
Husband in desperate need of a haircut, popping by just before the guests arrive!
My amazing mummy and sissy!
The menu consisted of:

Home made mini quiches, Home made sausage rolls, 2 types of sandwiches, a cheese platter and sushi (bought)
Plus!!! 2 x slices (home made) and mini cupcakes! YUM!
And most importantly, lots of yummy Chandon champagne, white & red wine (plus mineral waters and beers!)

I had a lovely lovely afternoon and was able to celebrate with my mum and sister (above) plus about 15 of my closest girlfriends.
We have been totally and utterly spoilt yet again and now pretty much have everything we need.
I will do another blog post tomorrow or a little later in the week to show some of the new stuff!!!
Lets just say there was a little blue bag involved, original artwork and much much more...

PS: thanks for the kind comments on the new look of the blog! I'm still a little unsure and feel it could be a touch too "girly pink" but really felt I needed a little re-vamp and a change!


  1. I think the new look of your blog is fantastic.

    Looks like you had a fabulous baby shower too. Your pics have made me realise how much i miss a glass of wine or just a tiny weeny little sip of bubbly!


  2. Baby showers are so exciting!

    Love the look of your blog too :)

  3. aww those baby cupcakes look adorable! *drools*
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  4. Ooh progess on the deck looks fabulous. Boo the the rain!

    Sounds like yet another successful baby shower.. great menu.. I LOVE homemade sausage rolls!


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