Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Today I had my last day at work.
Today it has been 4 years since I received a terrible phone call at work to say that my dad had been in a motorbike accident and broken his back...

Firstly, last day of work!
Arrived around 8.30ish.
Did not much.
Had morning tea.
Was then presented with the most generous and beautiful gifts!

The main present was a gift voucher for a baby photo shoot with Kath Ellis.
Then there is nappies, wipes, creams, lotions and potions! cups, spoons, bowls etc...
And then two of the sweet young girls I work with gave me the beautiful box with the owl on it filled with muslin wraps, pink and white stripe tights, and a cute little singlet with a hand made bow/flower thingy on it!

I feel overly spoilt. And so very honoured.
I have celebrated some big occasions while working for this company. My 30th, My wedding and now My first child. They are like family and it feels kind of strange sitting here knowing I'm not going back for some time now... 

Oh... And I forgot to put my out of office on my email... 

We then had lunch. A lovely lunch where I over ate but loved every minute of it! 

Then got back, said lots of goodbyes and left the building... That's it. Done. Over and out...

Today, as I said is also the day that 4 years ago my dad had a motorbike accident and broke his back. In two places. Had a long 10-12 hour operation and could have possibly not ever been able to walk again.
He is good. Better than good actually. Still has lots of pain. But it hasn't stopped him at all. Maybe only slowed him down a little.

This photo is from my wedding. That's me in the white dress (obviously) and my sister with dad. We were having a joke how I was short and he couldn't stand up straight!

So that's me and that's my day.
Looking forward to a quiet night in with just me and my husband tonight...
Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


  1. Gorgeous photo!

    I found it really boring hanging around waiting for the baby after I finished work (well the second time round the first time she came before I had gone on maternity leave!) so make sure you pamper yourself with lunches out with friends & pedicures and massages etc.

  2. Enjoy this little bit of time before bub arrives. I slept a lot, which helped when I went into labour!

  3. I hope you're enjoying yourself.

    I had a giggle about the out of office thing. What I wonderful idea re: the photo session!

    Lovely family photo :)

  4. Wow what lovely gifts, they must really value you at work :-) Have fun nesting (and blogging) during your time off- you made it further than I probably will before taking leave!

  5. Your Dad sounds like an amazing Man- must have taken lots of strength and determination to make such a recovery. I am sure the family support made a big difference too
    It must be tough for him living with chronic pain. I bet he treasures that photo of him with his two girls :)

    Yay for leaving work. Are you planning on returning after maternity leave or do you mean 'over and out' indefinietly?
    Very sweet of them to shower you with gifts.. The photo shoot is a very nice idea.

    Enjoy your time off, and REST!

  6. *hugs* what an emotional day for you!

    Your dad is such an inspiration - it takes a lot mentally as well to make such a recovery.

    Maternity leave..what can I say? It's a great break from 'work' and all the silly politics. tell you the truth it's not really a break as you are going to have your hands full. However the difference is that being a mum is so much rewarding and it's amazing spending that time with your baby and watching them grow and develop.

    Who knows you might love it so much you might not want to go back to work?


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