Friday, February 11, 2011

The week that was - I just liked this picture, so decided to use it today!

Sunday - Was dinner at friends and a chance to see little baby Arkie again! Talked babies way too much, but had such a lovely time and a good old laugh. Loved that cool change that came through.
Monday - Work day, and very very busy. Get home and crash. Thank goodness for the cooler weather though!
Tuesday - Another crazy crazy work day. Then lovely dinner with friends and a melted heart at watching my husband with our friends baby Hania and making her giggle like I have never seen her giggle before
Wednesday - Decided that we are going to put our house on the market... No renovations... Worked out it wouldn't be ready in time for bug and maybe we have bitten off more than we can chew. Seen a house we love, but can't and wont do anything till we sell our place. Kind of sad, but maybe relieved at the same time? Friends announced that they are expecting! (We did know through another source) and the due date is the 23rd of August. They are 11 days in front of us!
Thursday - Work lunch that was very productive! Expensive city parking (lucky work pay this) and then home in the afternoon to sleep as I am so so tried at the moment. Night time nausea :-(
Friday - Today... Um. I have done something naughty... I have "chucked a sickie" today. It's going to be hot. I'm staying in and taking it very very easy.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm counting down the days till Monday 9.30am when we have our next scan and NT tests on Bug. Fingers crossed everything is ok and we can start shouting from the roof tops that we are having a baby!!!


  1. oh wow, big decision about selling your house!
    Though I'd say its a good move as you will have a lot on your plate with new baby and will be nice just to concentrate on one big life change at a time! I'm sure the perfect pad for your family of three will appear for sale when you are ready to buy..
    Does this mean you will be changing the name of your blog..? Maybe Marriage, Babies And.... :)

    How lovely you have a friend who is due around the same time as you.. you will be going through similar things together and wont get sick of talking about pregnancy and babies to each other!

    Nothing wrong with pulling a sickie! Sounds like you've been working really hard lately and is probably a good idea to have an extra day to recharge.

    Good luck for the scan on Monday... Im sure you results will come back in healthy range and looking forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Enjoy your day off...lots of R and R :)

  3. Sounds like a huge weight of your shoulders deciding just to sell. You'll have heaps on your plate with the little bug and selling/buying/moving is a HUGE thing to undertake but it's over pretty quickly. I hope that your house is sold with the first home open :)

    Good on you for chucking a sickie. Well deserved and needed. At least now you'll be feeling a bit more rested.

    Sending you good luck vibes for the scan. I can't wait to see little bug so I can't even begin to imagine how excited you are!


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