Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's all happening!

We have been and will be for the rest of the week VERY BUSY BEES...
It is actually happening!
We are really and truly putting our house on the market.
I have taken a few hours off this morning to get rid of some stuff and do a tidy up.
We have our spare room full of our wedding presents (we weren't going to use all our nice new stuff till after the renovations) and boxes of crap really... Especially my husbands magazines! He has them from the 80's... Grr.
We have rented a storage space and I have the moving guys coming shortly to move all the stuff for me.
Then I'm going to set the spare room up as a bit of a study/reading room.
Doing to cheaply... Very cheaply. We will only use the stuff we have. Will put a picture or two up on the wall and hep presto! A proper working spare room!
Friday the lady is coming to take the photos for the website and stuff.
Monday it will be listed on and
And first open for inspection is next Saturday the 21st of Feb.

So much to do in such a small space of time... And we are off to Melbourne this weekend for my brother-in laws 30th.

I will post before and after pictures of the spare room after Friday too!

Does this mean I will have the change the name of my blog? I'm thinking so... Hmm... Need suggestions


  1. Wow, good luck Sammie with the listing. I hope it sells quickly for you. x

  2. I hope you are going to share some photos with us after the listing? I'm sure your spare room will turn out well, especially after you get rid of those magazines. Are they 'those' kinds of magazines, or something? Why has your husband been hanging on to them so long?

  3. Ick! As I said before I hope it sells on the first open home, those things are a drag!

    Yes a new blog name...I'm sure you will think of something with all the amazing things going on, you could go the triple m 'Marriage, moving and motherhood' ;)

  4. Wow, lots happening for you guys at the moment. Glad all is well with the 'bug'. Hope your open house goes well and is followed by a quick, smooth sale!


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