Thursday, February 3, 2011

The BEST nana!

So not only do I have one of the best nana's in the world...
But little bug is also going to have one of THE BEST nana's in the world!

I came home today to find a little package sitting on my front door step.

Inside was a little gift addressed to Baby 'O'

This was the card

And inside it read: 
"For Baby 'O' 10 weeks down! 30 to go!"
"Why? Because I'm going to be a nana!!"

And these were bugs gifts:

My mum is the coolest! It must be in her genes. Cos her mum, my nana is the coolest! 
Lets hope they passed the gene down to me!


  1. Oh how sweet and how cute is that singlet!

  2. How lovely. Looks like Baby 'O' and parents are going to be very well looked after!

  3. So cute. Man, I bet you guys get more excited every day! Happy weekend xx

  4. That singlet is gorgeous! And how sweet your mum is ... she must be so excited. Hope you're coping ok in the heat. I thought today, imagine the poor ladies who are heavily pregnant in this.


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