Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old and Wise

Today is my grandfathers 80th Birthday! All the grand kids call him Pop!
Most people call him Buffalo... Name Robert. Shortened to Bob. Buffalo Bob. Shortened to Buffalo? Crazy Family we are!
I am the oldest of 17 grandchildren!!!
80 and still going strong!
A big party is being thrown for him on Sunday, but we aren't going...
Its a long story, but basically no one would get their act together and organise it. Mum and dad decided that they are sick of organising everything and end up paying for everything so it didn't happen till the last minute.
So then the flights were super expensive and I just can't justify paying $500+ for flights for 2 people even if it is an important event.
He is a pretty cool guy. He actually suffered a stroke when I was a little tacker and recovered really really well. You only ever notice it when he gets tired.
He loves to tell a story and could talk your ear off for hours. I have only fond happy memories of him.
We contemplated telling him about the bug, but he is shocking at keeping secrets so really very best not to!
Anyway, I'm hoping he has a BRILLIANT 80th Birthday! I will catch up with him again in February when we head back down to Melbourne town.

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