Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunching and Gifting

Today we had our "Christmas lunch" at work. 8 of us headed across the road to what I think it quite a nice restaurant Trevi
I had a scrumptious piece of Barramundi and then the most delicious cannolli. Yum Yum Yum!!!

 We were also giving out or KK presents. Laura and I are the only girls so I think I was very very lucky that she had me!!! I got a beautiful Witchery makeup compact!

Now we are back in the office after a 3 hour lunch and as you could imagine.... We all really really don't want to do anything.... Bring on 5.00pm


  1. How torturous that you had to go back to work!!

    Love the makeup compact!

  2. I think working around Christmas should be illegal....just saying!

    Love your KK present.

  3. What a beautiful present from work - usually men have no idea and you end up with something useless like a stubby holder (well at my work you do!)

    Good news with the ovulation as well. Got all my fingers and toes crossed for you.



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