Friday, November 12, 2010


I really do love a good wedding. I love looking at wedding photos too!
On Monday when I was at my folks house I decided to look through their wedding album.
They were so young. But nearly 31 years later they are still happy, married and in love.
They didn't have a photographer, they didn't have fancy cars. The "reception" was held at my nans house.
The whole day cost them about $1500 I am told.
It's not about how much you spend, its about the love.

PS. I attended my parents wedding.... I was about 2 months old.


  1. Yay for weddings and old photos! My mum was 19 when she and dad married. So young, but as with your parents 34 years on and they are still going strong!

  2. LOVE the old photos!
    Your Mums style looks remarkably similar to my Mums on her wedding day..! she wore a hat like that too and had similar flicky hair.. Yay for the 70s!!
    (photos here )

    I can't believe how young your Ps were.. and to already have a baby... your Dad looks so stoked in that top pic. Magic.


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