Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's all a blur

Tis the festive season...
Today we were asked to our neighbours house for a little Christmas drink.
Well........ 4 hours later we are finally home... We had to walk 4 metres there. 4 meters home.
We had such a nice time! we are so glad we went.
Don't really talk to our neighbours... Got to meet them properly.

It's all a bit of a blur... and this is just the start... less than 4 weeks till Christmas... it's going to go by very very blurry...

Don't you just love the Christmas/Festive season!!!
All the very best of wishes you and your families!

BTW... We have Gay neighbours... (there is nothing wrong with that) we finally got to meet them properly today. They are the nicest, loveliest people... I thought it was a marriage breakup... not so. They adopted their son when he was 1 year old! Now 5. He is the cutest EVER! I want him!!!

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  1. How festive! I love unexpected mini-parties.

    It's got me thinking I should really go over and meet our neighbours. Maybe I will take them some Christmas cake


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