Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Belated Birthday

On Monday it was my sisters birthday. She is one of my very best friends. 
I (and the Mister) was actually in Melbourne on Monday and got to be there for the traditional birthday dinner this year! I just love my mum's cooking!!!
The photo I have posted today is a picture that mum has up in the house. I like the "wings" in my hair!
I walked all around the house taking photos of photos that mum has up. I will post them in the coming days.

We had cake! Yum! A bought cake this year. We didn't get home till late so the was no time to bake one.

I bought a great present for my sister! But it didn't arrive in time. So I will not put that away for Christmas. I was then in a rush to get something in time. What was I going to do! 
I ended up trying about 20 different perfumes... And I bought Vera Wang Look in the end. She loved it!

We had a great weekend away with the whole family. But its back to Sydney and work and reality now. I am so extra super busy at work now too. I don't see it getting much quieter till the week before Christmas either. Long days and Saturday mornings for the next few weeks.

Here are a few more old piccies of my sister and I when we were little

My sisters christening

Me a dancing flower my sister a jumping bunny!
Sisters and best friends on my First Communion day.


  1. My sisters are my best friends too. They are relationships that have been there for me my whole life. Happy birthday to your lovely sis (love those bunny ears!!!). x

  2. this post made me smile - i just posted about my sisters today. you certainly rocked the fly away fringe in that photo - love it!

  3. Glad your sister loved her perfume! I feel Vera Wang is always going to be a sure bet!

    Can't wait to hear what she will be getting for Chrissy!


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