Monday, October 18, 2010


The title of my blog is Marriage Renovations And...
You have all heard bits and pieces about my marriage, I have filled you in on what the 'And' part means... But there has been something missing... RENOVATIONS
It isn't an easy task and we have been working on it, but nothing really all that 'newsworthy' till today...

Anyway... I came home today and found this on our front gate!!!
All neighbours will have also received a letter to fill them on on what we are planning to do to our little house.

And now we wait...


  1. yay! Looks like a major sign of progress!

    So what do your renovationsu entail?
    Gutting the inside? adding a story? Pulling down walls?
    Talk us through it!
    I'd love to see of your renovation 'inspiration' pics, if you have some

  2. So exciting!! You're so lucky to have such an awesome project about to start. Sigh xx


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