Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roller Coaster Rides

Life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us lately... House renovation plans, weddings, babies, trips away, family, health and much more.

So, this morning I prayed. I am Catholic. But not all that religious. I don't go to Church on Sundays (or really ever for that matter).
I prayed and thanked God for my amazing life, my wonderful husband and for being so blessed with all the things I have.
Then I asked God to help us on the road to babyville. I said I would love to be pregnant by Christmas and how cool would it be to be able to surprise our families with the news on Christmas Day!
And most importantly, I prayed for the health of of husband.
I apologised that I don't do enough and that I don't pray enough. But you know, I was thinking about it afterward and I think we all do pray in different ways a lot of the time.
So there you have it. You might think I'm crazy? But I just felt like its what I wanted to do and needed to do at the time. I feel much more peaceful now and ready to start my weekend.

Thanks to those that commented on my last post. I was feeling really down and crap. My husband came home not long after and we just hugged for a long long time.

We are going to plan a holiday! We have actually been talking about it for some time! We are going to have about 2 weeks off once school goes back next year. I suppose we might as well take advantage that we don't have to holiday only on the school holidays just yet!

We are going to give the baby making another 2 months and that will be a total of 6. If nothing has happened by then we are going to head to the doctors and see what they can do to help us.

Isn't it funny that we all read these peoples blogs. We don't know each other, but we feel happy and sad and all the different emotions for people that really are strangers? Or maybe we know each other better than we think? You guys out there in the blogsphere probably know more about how I feel than some of my friends. So, thank-you all for listening or reading I really appreciate it.


  1. I’m praying for you too and sending pregnancy vibes out to you from Perth!

    I agree that the blog world is fantastic to express our feelings to anyone out there willing to read and comment.

    I love your blog btw so keep up with the good work and I hope your prayers are answered soon.


  2. The blog world is an awesome place isn't it. Keep believing and it will happen for you, even if it's not in the way you originally thought. And a cry every now and then always makes you feel better. You'll be an awesome Mama one day xx

  3. I think your prayers and positive thoughts are only going to help everything you wish for come true.
    Having gratitude for what you already have is a great start and we should probably all count our blessings more often.

    I think planning a holiday is a fab idea, as gives you both somthing to look forward to and focus on, regardless of what the baby making situation is by then.. and in my experiences holidays are a great setting for making babies :)


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