Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to my dad!!! 50 today!!!
My husband and I are jumping on a 3.20pm flight today and we are flying to Melbourne to surprise my dad for his birthday!!!
Then we have a very early flight home tomorrow morning.
I know he will be super surprised! And I can't wait!
My dad would have to be the hardest person in the whole wide world to buy for. But I'm really really excited about what we got him this year!
We arranged for a local painter lady to paint a picture of dad's tractor that he restored!
I will take a picture and post it another day.
We also had "The Dog" painted into the picture!


  1. A fly by visit - he will be so happy! Have fun

  2. Hey! You finally got the follower bit thingy to work! Yay!
    Yep, a very flying visit!
    Very "Rock Star" of us! ha ha!


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