Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I hate Mondays... And to blog or not to blog?

I hate Mondays - But not this week!

For some crazy reason, my employer believes in Bank Holiday Monday!!! - I work in the Finance and Insurance sector and apparently we fall under this code.

So, I'm still in bed! Yep, I Will admit it! And carrying on with my little blog.

I have received 3 comments so far from 3 posts and they are both from 2 people who's blogs I read too! How did they find me? I'm not at all sure how this little blog land works? But, I'm sure I will work it out soon enough.

So, that gets me to the bit about "To blog or not to blog?"
I really can't even tell you why I decided to start doing this? Maybe somewhere I can put down all my thoughts and feelings?
I haven't even told any of my friends or family about it! Not even my HUSBAND! I don't know what they will say? I don't want them to laugh at me!
So, maybe I will keep it just amongst "us" for now and see how we go.

In other news, the survey er and the drafts person came over during the week to start on the bits we need to begin the renovation project. It will now be a couple of weeks before we hear anything or get to discuss anything, so the husband and I went 'window kitchen shopping' yesterday. We got some good ideas!
Just to give you an idea, our little house is a semi on 135 sqm of land! TINY! But we love it all the same, and because we live so inner city, to get much else would have cost us MILLIONS!


  1. I felt the same way when I started my little blog - I still haven't told many people!

    Look forward to seeing the progress on your house!

    Oh, and so you know I made my way here while clicking links on Desert Darling!

  2. Hey Sweets- your house looks rad- Im looking forward to seeing it 'transformed'

    I am quite secretive about blogging too.. I havent told any of my friends about any of my blogs.. Or my husband either! but he doesnt use computers and doesnt really know what a blog is. Or want to know.

    I found your blog because typepad gives me a daily a list of page referrers.. so your url came up and when I clicked on it and saw the author was 'shoesammie' I knew it was you!

    Leaving comments on other peoples blogs with a link to your blog is a good way to generate traffic and including a link to your blog in your signature on the vogue forums is another good way


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