Saturday, August 7, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

Some very exciting news! My friend Emma had a baby girl this morning at 3am! They called her Eloise Amy. I haven't heard that name for a very long time. I think its lovely.
And! My other friend Sam found out yesterday that she is having a girl! She is due Christmas Eve.
Another friend is about to have her baby... Guess what? A Girl!
There has been so many babies amongst our friends! And lots and lots and lots of GIRLS!
There's Lola - December, Mila - Feb, Hania - April, Scarlett - April, Hannah - May & Alexandria - May! There were a few boys but how about all these girls!!!
I wonder what we will have? Wouldn't a girl be great! Think of all the hand-me-downs! But then a boy would also be so so lovely! He would have lots of "girl friends"


  1. I have my fingers crossed for a baby girl.
    Your friends have great taste in names.

  2. Ness had her baby! Madalene! She is only 2.4kgs! TINY TINY TINY...


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